What We Do

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What We Do

Educational Training

Strategic Consulting

Global Development



The WRS organization has provided training programs to over 600 business owners in 47 countries. In the U.S., WRS trainers have delivered over 400 programs to more than 3,000 business owners in 14 states and delivered economic growth eclipsing $3 billion in sales and earnings and 5,600 jobs for small businesses.

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We provide training and consulting services in more than 40 countries across the globe that help those companies do business internationally and specifically in the United States.  By offering extraordinary training through programs such as the Kauffman Foundation, the Edward Lowe Foundation, 360° Consulting, and other high caliber programs, our team of consultants will assist our clients in setting a new bar for company performance.  With over 100 years of executive level experiences, our team will deliver measurable results for clients.

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WRS team members actively engage clients to build strategies to build leadership opportunities, enhance strategic direction create best practices in time management and process management systems, assist in developing morale and team character development tools, develop an innovation mentality and promote curiosity within the organization.


Global Development

WRS has designed and developed turnkey educational training programs and follow-on consulting engagements to implement best practices within a company from any country where WRS has done business. In country small business training programs are offered in a 10 session series of coursework over a 30-day period. Included among the subject matter:

  • Internal and external environmental scans
  • Growth opportunities and management
  • Leadership and management of the organization
  • Charting and measuring financial performance